Reader Poll: We’re Going to Jump Right In!

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How do you like your ManLove? ManLoveAuthors wants to know! Readers, help share with authors your opinions on what makes for sizzling romance. Authors, learn all about what readers want. For added fun, we’ve broken up the polls for guys and gals. Take a peek, cast a vote, and comment below to express everything you love about the books you read.

 Every erotic romance reader looks forward to the time when their men turn up the heat in a ManLove book, but some like it sooner than others.

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  1. Marcy Jacks - Siren-exclusive Author /

    This is very interesting and definitely gives me something to think about

  2. Sex scenes are good, if well written wherever they happen in a book, but for me, the build up of sexual tension works best. After all, in real life, don’t we all know someone who’s jumped straight into bed for sex two minutes after meeting someone and never seen that person again?