Who doesn’t love the sweet charms of a down-home country boy, the dangerous allure of a rough-riding rodeo star, or even just the sweaty muscles of a man who makes his living off the land? ManLove cowboy stories double the pleasure of a steamy cowboy romance for readers who love strong heroes, small towns, Stetson hats, and cowboy boots. In a small town where everyone knows everyone’s business, small-minded prejudices can pose strong challenges to romances, or hotshot rodeo rivals can pose threats to the safety of a cowboy whose heart has long belonged to the open road and the glory of winning a coveted belt buckle in the ring. Rough around the edges men might struggle with power dynamics when faced with an equally dominant partner, or a bonafide city slicker might have to adjust to the country life when he falls for a ranch hand. Anything’s possible in the wild west!


Blaecleah Brothers (series) by Stormy Glenn, Cowboy Needed by Sunny Day, Cowboy Drifter by Winona Wilder, Summer Heat by Alex Carreras, Back at the Ranch by Wendi Darlin, Beau and the Beast by Hanna Hart, Mending Fences by Susan Laine, Three Men and a Bounty by Gigi Moore, Dirty Cowboy by Anitra Lynn McLeod, Heart of a Cowboy by Missy Lyons





The Lone Ranger Movie: Anitra Lynn McLeod

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The Lone Ranger Movie: Anitra Lynn McLeod

Jonny Depp is hot! Now that I’ve got your attention, let me tell you how excited I am for the summer release of The Lone Ranger. I. Can’t. Wait! It’s a western, which I just don’t see often enough, but it’s also based on one of the most iconic characters ever created. The Lone Ranger has been around for a long time. He came to life in a radio show in 1933 that was so popular it spawned a television series, numerous movies, comic books, records, and novels. Even now, there are new tales being added to the canon of one of America’s...

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