Wet, Wicked & Wild – Excerpt!

A freak storm opens up a mysterious undersea world to a man who almost drowns. When he wakes from his deathly slumber, he finds a mystical creature wrapped in seaweed, no clothes, no name, and no home. Beneath the tropical moon, they make love, and he learns he’s fallen in love with a merman.

Adult Excerpt – Wet, Wicked & Wild! 

The drops of ocean water looked like liquid diamonds sparkling in the moonlight as they slowly crept down his shoulders, on and on until they reached his beautifully trim stomach muscles.

His hair was long and flowing, but several strands in front were braided and mingled in with the rest. His body was as perfect as any Frankie had ever seen, but his face was mysteriously familiar. Frankie knew only one thing. If he wasn’t completely crazy, this man looked exactly like the creature he’d seen—except he had two legs.

As Frankie looked at him, he felt as if he was being led by something outside himself when he lifted a wayward hand and touched the man softly at first, feeling his fine, smooth skin. His gaze raked over him, noticing how very handsome he was while his hand continued moving down his naked body to his cock that was covered by seaweed. Frankie knew he would never do this normally, but now he seemed to be following some kind of deep need inside himself. Reaching out, he removed the seaweed and saw a big piece of cock meat that impressed even him. Now it was limp and unmoving as it lay snug and comfortable in a nest of darker-blond hair. For some reason he longed to see it twitch, so he touched the sensitive head and was rewarded with a healthy movement that excited him. As he moved himself down toward it, he put his nose close to the man’s skin, and the fresh aroma of the salty ocean filled his nostrils. By this time, a deep, wanton feeling flooded him, and he wanted to eat it, but as his tongue licked his lips in preparation to take it into his mouth, the man moaned in his sleep and moved. The sound knocked Frankie out of the dream he seemed to be having, and he looked up at the man and then moved upward until he was directly over him looking down into his face.

While Frankie was feeling a need to taste his lips, the man opened his eyes, and Frankie felt a jolt. His eyes seemed to have a power, and although the color was a soft, alluring sea-green, when he saw them staring at him, there was nothing soft about them. They were strong, piercing, brilliant, and intense—as if they could direct a storm at sea. Suddenly the man reached out, grabbed Frankie’s head, pulled it forward, and kissed his lips. This unbalanced Frankie, and he fell on the man who rolled him over and began nibbling on his neck. With an errant hand, the stranger tugged at Frankie’s pants, and then reached down into his jeans and grabbed his cock. Moving downward, he took it into his mouth, sucking it frantically and causing Frankie to cry out with delight.

Oh, God, Frankie had never felt anything like it. It was as if this stranger’s mouth held some kind of stormy magic, but the experience was one of ultimate joy, a splendor such as he’d never known before. It grabbed him, laying him helpless beneath its strength. He felt uninhibited, uncaring as he reached and grabbed the man’s head, his movements frenzied as he pushed his cock in and out of the stranger’s mouth. It was an unrestrained, out-of-this-world feeling he’d never known before, and he was firmly in its grasp. He felt the storm inside him, the waves, the wind, and he knew for the first time he was in the grip of some sort of erotic storm, and it had control of him.

When he let forth a burst of cum, the man moved away,  opened his thighs wide, and thrust himself inside his hole and began pumping up and down, flooding Frankie with a whole new succession of sensations that stole his breath away. Frankie must have let out a dozen cries as each new sensation flooded him. He clung to this stranger he hadn’t even met yet until their moving bodies slowed, and then stopped when each man’s cum had been spent, and the last of their moans and groans had died down into the night.

After a few minutes of lying together, Frankie quickly moved away as the man slowly sat up. Although Frankie’s eyes were averted, he could feel the stranger’s piercing gaze on his body as he tried to salvage his clothes and spread them over his naked body.

“I needed that, you know. I hope I didn’t hurt you,” the stranger said.

“Yes, I’m fine,” Frankie answered. “By the way, I guess I should thank you for saving my life.”

“No thanks necessary,” the man said as he looked around.

“What’s your name? Mine’s Frankie. Frankie Fontana.”

“Narcisse…just Narcisse.”

“No last name?”

Narcisse  looked at him with a cool demeanor. “None needed.”

For some reason Frankie felt a chill scoot down his back. The man he was talking to appeared to be very mysterious. One name, amazing looks, and if he wasn’t completely crazy, he’d just materialized out of the storm, saved his life—and then fucked the hell out of him.