Wet, Wicked & Wild!

Ready for some shameless pleasure?

Who isn’t, right?

Then get ready for Kelly Conrad’s next book…

Wet, Wicked & Wild!


Come with me into the lives of two men.

Frankie Fontana experiences the magical wonder of a new kind of love.

Narcisse comes from the magical world of the ocean, and does it Merman style!


The relationship that begins between these two men eventually turns rocky when Frankie learns all about Narcisse’s unusual lifestyle that includes sudden disappearances, reality that seems unreal, and with Frankie doubting that he ever knew anyone by the name of Narcisse, a crazy merman who introduced him to a kind of love that blew his mind!


A freak storm opens up a mysterious undersea world to Frankie Fontana when he gets thrown out of his boat and almost drowns. Later he learns he has been miraculously saved by a naked man laying beside him on the beach. He is wrapped in seaweed, has no clothes, no name, and no home. Beneath a tropical moon, they make the most fantastic love he’s ever experienced. Frankie knew the man was different, but his life is thrown into chaos when he learns he’s fallen in love with a merman named Narcisse. He finds that his affair with Narcisse offers problems since he’s actually half fish, and is always disappearing. Finally, he learns that Narcisse has broken some undersea rule about mating with a human, and a sea witch throws him on the beach, dead. Thinking he’s lost Narcisse, he tries to live his life without him.

But this black moment in the story quickly knocks Frankie for a loop when they meet one more time. Where? How? And what is the magic that brought Narcisse back from death?

Watch for an excerpt!